The Cutoff for Cutoffs

When it comes to Daisy Dukes, how short is too short?

I spent my entire winter trip to Mexico squeezed into a miniscule pair of American Apparel jean shorts, purchased during a pre-vacation shopping frenzy.

Once on the beaches of Tulum however, they might as well have been puffy ski overalls—huge and monkish amidst the free spirited vacationers going au-natural.

But back in New York it’s still cold, my tan is fading and in the crisp afternoon light the shorts look like…
“Those are Daisy Dukes,” my friend Julie says as I hold them up. But she is not discouraging, she swears. Plus, I swore too. I swore I’d wear them all summer to justify the last-minute purchase.
With the help of our friend Amy, planner of the Tulum trip, we decide they don’t break any ground rules, which are:

No cheek may be visible.

No crack may be visible.

No pocket interior may peek out from the bottom hem.
Finally, one must be able to sit without breaking any previous rules.

With the dukes on, I still want the near impossible—to seem classy. “You’re going to need to strike a balance with tops and shoes,” Julie reminds me. Yes, I’ll pair them with modest Ts, cardigans, flowy tops and great shoes!

I see this as a challenge.

Summer is still far off but I’m shopping ahead. I need something with classic Hepburn glamour and a slight but sexy heel. So far I’ve fallen for the Keds Retro Hi Wedge. In Keds’ own words they combine “timeless femininity with a sporty look.” They’ll also go with jeans and sailor pants until it gets warm out and I get the courage to introduce the dukes to New York.


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