Don’t Rain on This Boot!

When Pinto Ranch in Houston invited me to a trunk show with Rocketbuster boots, I saddled up fast.

I love cowgal boots, and the more bling the better, and Rocketbuster is known for its fun, feminine styles and vintage cool. (Meg Ryan owns a pair!)

But I do love my own two-toned, three-textured, jewel studded Frye bench-made boots. I love them a lot. Along with black leggings and any number of tight tunics, they create my signature look.

So imagine my surprise when I was bedazzled by the cutest little pair of pretty-in-pink boots I’ve ever seen. There they were, the Raindance Sparkle.

Man, if Carrie Bradshaw lived in Texas, she’d never take these puppies off.

Nevena Christi, owner and designer of the Rocketbuster line, told me she once had an assistant named Rain. “And she wanted some pink, sparkly boots, so I designed these!”

I love sparkle, I love pink.

Okay, black is the majority of my wardrobe, but I am occasionally known for pink touches.

And these darling custom made boots are just too cute. I mean, they would go great with my pink fur poncho.

Sadly, at $1,495 they were more expensive than the poncho. They were more expensive than my first car, come to think of it.

But on the up side, I can always save up and order a pair for next year’s rodeo. So can you at www.rocketbuster.com. Giddyup.


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