How To Be An It Girl: A Crash Course

In order to be an It girl, you must live by a few simple rules…

When going out for the evening, wear heels so ridiculously tall you can barely manage a wobble (see my Guess by Marciano recommendation at right), then pick a spot with the most flattering ambience and stand in one place all night. Let your people come to you.

Kindly allow your super hot, non-English speaking date to carry you when said heels prove too painful to function.

Not on the guest list? Tell the bouncer he’ll have to take this matter up with your agent, or learn to make your lip quiver on command. Collagen injections will add a hint of drama to this performance.

Stage a catfight. Be sure to give the paparazzi ample time to set up the shot before the squealing, nail scratching, and hair pulling begins.

Hire the most delicious arm-candy at your gym to be your so-called bodyguard, then outfit him in an ultra-noir suit, sunglasses, and complicated-looking headset.

Learn one all-purpose magic trick that’s sure to amuse the masses, like making your sugar-rimmed cosmopolitan disappear with your eyes closed.

Use an alias for kicks. Make like Paris Hilton (only better, natch) and consider this method: Pair the name of a glamorous city with the name of your favorite hotel (i.e. Argentina Regent).

Wear the same outfit to work two days in a row and avoid showing up on time.

Don a smirk and plead The Fifth.


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