The Little Pink Shoes That Could

Some women stash chocolate in that bottom drawer at the office, others collect fashion magazines for ‘educational’ reading during downtime, but I prefer to keep a cute pair of shoes on hand for a shoe emergency.

It’s officially declared a ‘shoe emergency’ under two conditions:
1. Your best friend is treating you to a spa and gab session over lunch
2. You’ve been asked out on a date after work (which leaves no time to run home for an outfit change)

I managed to declare the latter last Monday when the guy from marketing (finally) asked me out for drinks after work.

I happily obliged since the 9-5 rut was beginning to take its toll on me. Daydreams of running off on a coastal getaway with a new love, a Spring fling on the beach, or just taking a sabbatical for a couple of weeks were filling up my days of boredom at the office.

A spontaneous date was just what I needed, so I reached for my well-stashed pair of Marc Jacobs platform peep-toe pumps in charming pink. The perfect complement to my black pencil skirt and tunic blouse of the day, and sure to attract just enough attention to charm anyone’s heart out.

The clock strikes 5 and I quickly switch out my black Prada flats for the gleaming pink pair that are poised for action – as am I. A quick dash to the ladies room to spritz my hair, a fresh layer of makeup, a few dabs of perfume, and my mood is instantly transformed from office-rut mode to date-ready.

I rush off to our meeting spot – a classy jazz bar that serves up a mean martini on weeknights – dodging the after work crowds as I trot across the pebbled sidewalk. The shoes carry me to my next destination in no time flat – I’ve trained them well – and I’m early for my date.
As I get busy ordering my first martini, the bartender notices the shoes. “Date night, eh?” he asks.
I wink back, he knows me too well.

My powerful pink pumps are always a reliable pair for a shoe emergency.


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