My Baby Girl’s Got Style

“See that line?” the ultrasound technician asked me and my husband. It was our 18-week ultrasound and I knew I wanted a girl.

And then it was true.

“That means she is a girl.”

She said some other things too, but I stopped listening after the word girl. While my husband sat contemplating his fears about the day our fetus would have her first date, I sat contemplating the clothing we would buy.

Not just any clothing, though. The shoes. Oh yes, the shoes we would buy. Dr. Seuss could not have possibly captured my excitement at the places we would go and the shoes we would meet.
Even before she was born, my daughter had already amassed an extensive array of footwear.

I believe my little fetus owned 15 pairs of shoes, about a quarter of what her mother currently sports. Admittedly, many were gifts.

But for a kid who still can’t walk a year later, I would say she is doing pretty well. And among those shoes are these lovely silver ones. (Baby Tracks, from Trumpette, at 27.50 approximately 672.50 less than Louboutins)

They are utterly impractical. She can barely walk in them without falling over and a good mom might retire them to a shelf where visitors can ooh and ahh without the risk of forehead bruising.

Alas, I am not a good mother.

She must learn at a young age that sometimes comfort must be sacrificed for style. And my baby must wear these shoes.

To the grocery store. To the babysitter’s. To the gym daycare. Everywhere she goes, people exclaim, and we are both celebrities for the moment.

“Where did you get those?”; “I have to buy a pair for my grandchild!”; “Do those come in my size?”

What is a little discomfort compared to the joy these shoes bring to the masses during a New England winter?

Besides, the shoes provide my 13-month-old daughter with an automatic toy during hour long shopping excursions, lunches with friends and boring waits.

She pulls them off her feet, sucks on the laces and pets them like the dog.

“Sho, Mama,” she tells me.

And I know she loves them, too.



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