Old Friends Reunite….. Through Our Shoes

At the age of thirteen I moved to South Jersey. I had to make new friends but I didn’t know where to start. All the friends I had, I knew since birth.

On my first day of school I meet my best friend “L”. She was new to the area as well. And from our initial conversation I learned we had similar backgrounds, hobbies, and personalities. We were inseparable throughout middle school. But as high school and college approached things started to change.

In high school, we started to hang out with different cliques. Although we kept in touch, we seemed to drift apart.

We even attended the same university but with different majors, work schedules, and lifestyles.

We eventually lost touch completely.

Last month, my mother ran into “L” and passed her number down to me.

I decided to reconnect with her.

Now I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive. I wondered how much she has changed, and whether we still had the same connection, whether it would just be one of those extended awkward moments where everyone makes fine and you feel your stomach tighten up, while you think about what else is on your schedule and, “How am I going to avoid prolonging this to a second meeting?”

We decided to meet at my place for lunch.

She rang the doorbell.

And when I opened the door she looked exactly the same.

I didn’t know what to say until I looked down and saw that she was wearing a pair of “Go Max” orange and cream striped wedges. I had the same exact same pair in blue in my closet. I took her straight away to my shoe collection, and we were off.

Like twins raised apart who meet and discover they use the same incredibly obscure brand of toothpaste, we felt a bond much stronger than the years apart.

We talked shoes.

We caught up with each other’s lives.

The connection we had was still there.

It was all reignited with a simple pair of shoes.

Friends come and go, but some friendships can last forever.

Thank you, Go Max.


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