My Pregancy Sandals

While pregnancy is a beautiful and miraculous experience, it is also the most uncomfortable you will ever be. Like many women my feet were huge during pregnancy. It was uncomfortable to wear any shoe I loved before. I was sad each time I tried to put on my favorite pair of heels or boots. I admit I even cried a little when I realized nothing else fit. Many of you have also been in this state of utter despair.

I couldn’t be barefoot all the time, so I was stuck trying to find a shoe that fit my swollen feet. Finding shoes when you are pregnant is not an easy task. First, you have to be able to bend enough to try them on or have someone put them on for you. It was quite embarrassing to ask the store clerk to help me put on a beautiful shoe only to find my feet were hideous. I also had to make sure the shoe would be comfortable for a pregnant woman, so the heels could not be tall, the straps had to be loose and the sole needed to be strong enough to not flop around and trip me.

I was relieved when I found the Yellow Box Abbey sandals. They were stylish and comfortable! One the rare occasion I looked into a full length mirror or store window and actually saw my feet, it was nice to have sandals on that made me feel beautiful, if only for the moment. I love those sandals and was thankful they came in several colors, so I could match them with my clothing and mood.

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