Tatum, Carrie, Kitty, and Ravaged Lingerie (it’s all quite innocent really)

(note: today’s non-shoe photo comes from the uplifting blogsite, “I love my bra.”We like their “live life, love bras” approach. Pictured is the made-by-nikki-belvoir. )

A couple of years ago, my roommate offered to pet-sit my cat while I was away in New York City. I was so relieved to come home, until my very frustrated roommate revealed to me that my cat had destroyed two of her bras. Well, I had reluctantly offered to pay for a replacement…until my roommate revealed the price of the dismembered undergarment.

There was simply no way I was going to pay that much for a bra! A bra! Not when I wasn’t going to be the one to wear it.

Looking back on that whole brassiere fiasco, I was reminded of the time Carrie Bradshaw was robbed of her fabulous shoes at a party in season six.

Carrie and Stanford had attended a baby shower thrown by Tatum O’Neal’s character, an event that required Carried to remove her brand new silver Manolos. When Carrie discovered that her shoes were missing, the hostess offered to pay—then refused once learning the cost of Ms. Bradshaw’s glorious heels.

I remembered thinking Kyra (O’Neal’s character) was being completely unreasonable. And then it hit me. Am I acting like Kyra? A hypocrite who does not realize the value of shoes…or a bra in my case?

In the end, everything worked out between my roommate and I. I realized that my cat is responsible for the damages after all. And as her account is underfunded, I ponied up for her.

However, had it not been for Carrie Bradshaw and her passionate pursuit of her precious Manolos, I might never have learned the error of my ways.

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