Golden Moments at the High School Reunion

When I first got the high school reunion invitation, I was less than enthused about actually attending. That is, until my best friend confirmed that not only was she going, but was bringing her new too-young boyfriend along, and we should “All go together to get gussied up and show off!”
According to her, the prom queens were now stay at home moms, the jocks were now running their Dad’s business in our hometown, and most of the others had married their high school sweethearts. It’s the way of the world for small town America’s high schools.
I was lucky to get out when I did. A city girl at heart, I was destined for the drama of the metropolitan lifestyle, days of 9-5’ing my way to a successful career in PR, lunch with clients at fabulous restaurants, and most importantly, shopping ‘till I dropped on weekends – usually in Zanotti heels until my feet ached and begged for mercy.

The high school reunion gave me a purpose for a weekend of shoe boutique scouting.

And so, I ventured off on a Saturday morning shoe blitz to find the perfect shoes that would make the prom queens of yesterday ever so jealous, the pair that would declare my independent girl status. It didn’t take long for me to strike gold with the Christian Louboutin Gold Bling, a gleaming peep toe studded with golden crystals, but most importantly, enough height to teeter above my old high school boyfriend – the one who was now married to the head cheerleader of the ol’ squad.
I had worked up the gumption to ask my Barista Crush to come along; after my little café ‘incident’ we’ve been enjoying each other’s company on and off. Besides, I needed some real arm candy (no offense, Gucci) to make a night of it.
The night of the reunion was more than a blast from the past, an oh-so-cliche ‘prom spectacular’, a remake of our senior prom. We were dressed in prom gowns and tiaras, and I was more than ready to strut my stuff in my jeweled sandals.
It was a grand event, really it was. The former prom queens were re-crowned and we all remembered that special day; we laughed, we cried, we hugged each other like we were all just a bunch of old friends. Squeals of ‘cute shoes!’, and, ‘so what do you do now?’ filled up our night of revelry, but the truly blissful moment was when the announcements for ‘Best Dressed’ took centerstage.
After four grueling years of being labeled as the girl who just wasn’t ‘cool’ enough for the picture-perfect popular crowd, I happily scooped up first place.
The shoes were my golden ticket to the post high school fame I craved, and the old BF duly took note – his wife snapping at him while he was busy winking at me during the crowning was a priceless moment. BC even sent me butterfly kisses from the crowd, a golden moment I can now cherish forever.
Thank you, Mr. Louboutin. Thank you.


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