Hangover Help for Shoes that Party Too Hard

Nothing beats a night out partying with your friends, but the morning after can be absolutely dreadful!

You wake up dehydrated, head pounding, and not really sure how you got home last night.

As if that’s not bad enough, there’s the harsh, looming reality that at some point you have to open your eyes, roll over, and face the music.

It can be an ugly sight, but you have to look to know for sure.

Did your shoes survive the night?

Scraped heels, stained leather, broken ankle straps—there should be some sort of ER for late-night shoe injuries.

You don’t want to wear ugly shoes, but you don’t want to ruin your good shoes either: whatever is a girl to do? After waking up to far too many pairs of demolished shoes, I knew I needed an intervention and a really good cobbler.

Your dignity may be far beyond repair, but your shoes may not.

Scraped and scratched heels tend to be an all too common problem; however, a good cobbler can smooth them down to where you’d hardly notice.

I’ve also discovered that sometimes you can find a nail polish that matches your shoes, dab some on, and the blemishes virtually disappear (this is especially true with metallics).

Have you ever worn a pair of shoes out only to be caught in a rain storm and find unsightly watermarks on your beloved camel pumps?

Once again, a good cobbler can re-dye them to near perfection!

So how does one find this Hero of the Heels? I recommend talking to the sales people at high-end department or shoes stores; they generally have a local cobbler they work with that will soon become your new best friend.

And if all this just sounds like it’s time away from a few rounds of margaritas with friends, happily, there is anternative: find a good pair of “Party Shoes.”

Shoes are fun, parties are fun, so party shoes should be fun, right?

The perfect pair are totally hot, go with just about everything, and can hold up to some serious cavorting.

Mine are a pair of Pedro Garcia black satin heels at Off 5th (for a mere $140)* that have quickly become a weekend staple…. and generally are in better shape than I am the next day.

*(Shoetube found them in plum and black on the Saks site, but for $236.50. There are also some nice Pedro Garcia Ribbon Bow Pumps for $139.90.

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