Puccie for Pooch

I have a nephew named Lincoln. He is my sister’s baby and she revolves her entire world around him. She is constantly buying him new toys and cute little outfits. He is the most spoiled member of the family. In fact, I can’t remember life before Lincoln.

Now that it’s winter and Lincoln is getting bigger, Kellie decided to buy him some footwear. Up to this point, Lincoln did not wear shoes. She had rain boots in mind as she noticed Lincoln gets upset whenever his feet get wet. I offered to go shoe shopping with her (no big shocker there). Finding shoes for Lincoln was a lot harder than we anticipated. He has unique, little feet – four to be exact. You might call them paws.

That’s right, Lincoln is a puppy. A brown and white boxer, the apple of my sister’s eye. He has a full wardrobe including a corduroy jacket, a t-shirt that reads “POOPED” and a puffy vest with a secret compartment for doggie treats. So why not shoes? Apparently tons of other pet owners out there have the desire to protect the paws of their precious pups. We surfed the internet and found tons of websites devoted to stylish doggie footwear. My personal favorite was www.mysimon.com. Your pup can spots pink “Converse” sneakers, puggs (Uggs for pups) and yes, even rain boots in assorted colors.

Lincoln, pampered as can be, is going to be Kellie’s ring-bearer for her beach themed wedding this July. While he won’t be wearing shoes (all guests are required to be barefoot on the sand), he will be sporting a tuxedo complete with a bowtie and top hot. And God forbid it rains, he might be the only one prepared for the puddles.


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