Converse-ation Starter (get it?)

“Oh wow, you’re wearing Chuck Taylors!” If I had a dollar for every time someone approached me to comment on my Converse, well, it would be enough to buy quite a few new pairs of Chuck’s.

My infatuation with these basketball shoes of yore started when I was about 8 years old, and I was on vacation with my family.

We were at a restaurant and one of the waitresses had a pair of Chuck’s with glow in the dark dinosaurs on them. It was love at first sight and the first of many expeditions for a must-have pair of shoes.

Not only were those dinosaur shoes nearly impossible to find, but for some silly reason they were virtually only available in adult sizes! In a pre-internet era, I have no idea how my mother managed to find a pair. I believe those shoes are still in our attic: I guess you could say they’re fossilizing.

Mr. Taylor reappeared on the scene about 5 years later: shortly before my freshman year of high school. I was going through my poseur skater phase (talk about some frightening pictures) and decided that I needed Chuck’s in not only black, but blue and green as well.

Thankfully, that phase only lasted about as long as the Manic Panic purple streaks in my hair. But while the hair dye may have faded and the ripped jeans thrown out, I held onto all three pairs of Converse.
In my post-college “adult” life, I started wearing my Converse again as hackaround shoes.

Next thing you know, my feet are now clad in Converse more frequently than my camel Jimmy Choos!

I never really thought much about wearing them: I just thought they were comfy and fun. Apparently though, there is something about these colorful pieces of canvas that people find fascinating.

About a year ago one of my favorite partners in crime, who also happens to be a Chuck Taylor aficionado, moved to D.C. One fateful, rainy night we decided to both wear Chuck’s to our local watering hole.

Sure, it was kind of funny that we had somewhat matching shoes on (she in green, me in blue), but numerous people approached us just shocked by our choice in footwear.

People thought it was so cool we had on Converse!

Since then we’ve discovered that whether we’re the Bobbsey Twins at a bar or strolling through an airport alone, Chuck is guaranteed to deliver more than a cheesy pickup line: He’s the automatic Converse-ation starter.


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