Paging Stacy and Clinton to the ER! (with special comment from Stacy London)

Dear Stacy and Clinton,

I am a loyal viewer of What Not To Wear (WNTW). I have downloaded all possible episodes from iTunes (P.S. Could you add Season 5? KThxBai!) and I even watch those reader mail episodes in which you dutifully answer whether black and brown can be worn together.

I think up until now I have been OK on the style front: I wear neither sweatpants nor bikini tops to work and I am a big fan of cashmere.

However. I will be attending medical school in a little while and I could really use your advice. Cute footwear for OR rounds? Can you get scrubs tailored? Best tops to wear under a short white coat?

When you pick me for an upcoming episode, would you also include these cute Belle Sigerson Morrison shoes in the $5,000 shopping spree? Toe cleavage, as I understand it, is completely work appropriate.

And don’t worry, I won’t wear them in the Labor and Delivery room, I promise. I saw that “Sex and the City” episode.

(ed’s note: Through the six-degrees-of-Belle-Sigerson-Morrison principle, Shoetube happens to have a connection to Stacy London (and all things shoe, of course), and Ms. London was kind enough to grace us with a response…. click the continue reading button… But brace yourself, Meghan…. the lady can be blunt.)

Stacy London writes:


Many thanks for your loyal viewership.

There probably aren’t oodles of cute shoes for OR rounds but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer style indignity by wearing Crocs or Merrells. Look for a chic dual colored non-athletic sneaker (scrubs are CASUAL after all) to support your arches and keep you comfy.

And while you CAN tailor scrubs, my feeling is that you should only tailor real clothing. Tailoring scrubs is like using a sponge to clean up a water main break: really, the attempt to alleviate disaster is just futile. Concentrate on your style in the off hours outside the OR – ER.

As far as shirts under white coats go, I say the sky’s the limit. Clearly you already know from watching WNTW that layering adds visual depth and interest to an outfit. So if you can keep the coat open, layer cute camis under v-necks or try a silk tie blouse for a hot resident/ jane-fonda-in-9-to-5 look.

Best of luck in med school and frankly, wait for toe cleavage until after you graduate.

Best Wishes,

(editor’s second note: okay, after passing the exciting news of this note around the Team Shoetube campus complex (two rooms), ever-alert Producer Rebecca Donahue pointed out that there is, in fact ,a stylish new line of scrubs… from the Queen of Chick-Dramedy herself, Katherine Heigl. ) They have tony location line names like Connecticut, Nantucket, and New York … but anyone concerned about fashion in the ER ought to be looking at the Los Angeles line, if you ask Shoetube.


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