Happy Spring

There’s something so depressing about winter. It’s hard to explain — yes, it’s cold but that alone shouldn’t be the main reason for melancholy. Should it? (Maybe I’m the only one who truly detests winter??) At either case, I wanted to hone in on my hatred for winter. And it all boils down to my feet. When it’s below 40, my footwear choices are limited, hence limiting what I can wear on the rest of my body.

I can’t wear sandals, so there go my bohemian skirts. If I wear pumps, my toes will likely freeze — and FYI for those who don’t wear heels regularly: when you wear pumps when it’s cold, your feet hurt a whole lot more than when it’s warm despite the potential numbing effect — so that means I can’t wear my wide leg pants, trousers, and pencil skirts.
So what does that leave me? Skinny jeans that I can cram into boots (thank goodness for boots) and sweatpants (ala sneakers). Errr, but how often do I wear sweatpants in public?
Now that my rant is over, we can celebrate the onslaught of spring! I remember when the glorious season came last year … I got a text from my good friend Jenn that read: “I just spotted the first mandals (as in man sandals) of the season. Happy Spring!” I have yet to spot the unfortunate male footwear (mandals = yuck), but I did spot the cutest pair of espadrilles this afternoon — and wouldn’t you believe it? They’re from Naturalizer. Upon laying my eyes on them, I knew my depression has officially subsided. And the best part is, I can wear these with skirts, jeans (wide and skinny), even dress pants.


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