Me and Lara Kick Some Ex-Boyfriend Butt

A year ago, I was still in the helms of a very destructive relationship with a very confused man. It was daily heartbreak daily fights. I was a mess.

Hello? This isn’t about tears. This is about shoe retribution.

A very popular and very local band had scheduled a big CD release party downtown. My ex and I had only been apart three weeks. I had a feeling he was going to be there, but I was determined to go, and in doing so, prove to him that living a happier life is the best revenge.

My outfit that night was strategically planned: my most-flattering jeans, a black vintage top, and black boots. Not just any boots.

These were booty-kicking boots, the type that would show the undeserving ex that I was tough, that I was confident, that in wearing them, I was emotionally walking all over him.

Channelling Lara Croft all night earned me a lot of attention from the men. No better conversation starter — or ender, depending on the guy — as “nice boots.” Whether the talk went any further was entirely up to me.

Not that any of that mattered to me. I didn’t want attention. I wanted closure. I wanted strength. I wanted my boots to say, “Mess with meand you’ll be oh so sorry!”

And it worked.

He was eyeing me the entire evening.

I felt strong and vindicated. I felt as though I had finally pulled myself up by the bootstraps.

He called me the entire next day. Must have been frustrating leaving all those voice mails. Took a while to delete them all. Wonder what they said. Actually, now that I think of it, no I don’t.

Me and my boots got plans.

-Rebecca Mercurio


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