NASCAR shoes for Racy Ladies

160,000 NASCAR fans at the Bristol Motor Speedway makes for great people watching and definitely great shoe watching!

When a race fan has to walk and walk and walk, what shoes do they wear? Depending where a fan parks the distance could be considerable. The furthest parking is five miles, yes five miles from the track! Talk about devotion!

These fan lovers make the trek with no problem. Hiking boots, tennis shoes and some boots are worn by the guys. The ladies wear some of the same and some not! The spring race at Bristol was cold, cold! Some sandals and flip-flops were seen. Brave (Crazy?!) souls!

Pumas were popular with the ladies and men.

On Saturday, the day before the BIG race, one petite lady in the suites wore spike high heel pumps. She dashed off early in the afternoon just prior to a massive downpour – the kind of downpour that made rivers in the road. Did her shoes give her a heightened sense of the impending storm? Some psychic link by way of spike high heels? Could be…

Some ladies wore the fleece Crocs “Mammoth”. Toasty Toes!

Merrell Jungle Mocs were spotted many times handling the race fan jungle!

Driving Mocs of all varieties were very popular with ladies and man. Makes sense as this is “The World’s Fastest Half Mile”!

Some fashion forward ladies in the suites were working the high heel spike boots, high heel fabulousness!

These fashion forward ladies worked their heels all weekend long.

Socializing by running from suite to suite all around the track they are keeping up with THEIR Driver.

Whether they were Dale Jr. fans, Jeff Gordon fans or who over gets their racin’ on, these fans love to win, yes WIN!! A wreck on the 489 lap of 500 was a serious downer for Tony Stewart fans.

Stomp that heel!

Jeff Burton fans jumped up and down as Burton brought in his first Bristol Motor Speedway win. Did other driver fans go toe to toe? No toe holds reported.

Now the same cannot be said for the fans that have had just a bit or a bucket too much to drink. No matter how sturdy a fan’s shoes are they cannot walk a fan or help a fan stand up. Shoes chill out while Fan sobers up.
The support staff logs many, many miles! Dansko, Ecco and Clarks were highly recommended by many ladies in the know. The color of choice is black. Less to have to explain after the race plus a black Sharpie will take care of scuffs. The Saturday race is the Sharpie 500 after all.
Every so often you see the 20 something with her guy wearing the cutest flats. Poor shoes…I hope they survived. Alas they were likely replaced – just like all the many tires gone through at Bristol Motor Speedway.
But Wait! News Flash! There are now NASCAR shoes for the Racin’ Lady!

Genius Fashion has got a fantastic fashion variety for the NASCAR Lady fan who wants to wear her love of NASCAR on her heels! Check out these beauties. These will make a definite impression.
As the race fans make their way to next race their shoes will lead the way!


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