Coming Out of the Shoe Closet

Not only am I obsessed with shoes, I’m also obsessed with cleaning and organizing.
However, I’ve come to realize that the two don’t mix.
I devoted last weekend entirely to spring cleaning, sorting through all my closets so I could pick out the right suit for morning meetings when I’m not quite so wide-eyed and bushy tailed, and finally put together an outfit without having a ‘what am I going to wear?’ panic attack every week.

I started early on Saturday, chugged my espresso at the wee hour of 7 a.m. and got started with my closet raid.

All was going right on schedule – I was parting with the old, making way for the new, and even managed to fish out some old Doc Martens from yesteryear
But then, came the shoe closet. My shoe closet is actually attached to my regular closet, a private sanctuary, a peaceful cove of shoes – stacked floor to ceiling – a place that only a true shoe lover can appreciate. Jimmy Choo, Manolo, Prada and Cavalli all have a home here. Each shoe is neatly placed with its partner, one pointing forward, the other facing one side so I can enjoy both views. Everything’s arranged by color, and then alphabetically by designer
Obsession? Maybe.
Anyhow, as I enter the shoe closet – this little corner of paradise that often serves double duty as ‘time out’ space when stress levels run amock – I feel real, genuine pain at the thought of parting with anything here.
I’m not ready. There’s no way I could discard my flamingo pink Miu Miu slides
Letting go of the Prada wedge heel in canary yellow would be too much; how could I?
Give up my patent Gucci knee-highs? Not going to happen.

I go down the shelves, pair by pair from Balenciaga to YSL, reminiscing about the memories that live on in each shoe, re-living the moment when I first discovered those dearest to my heart – and realize they are a part of me that even the spring cleaning bug can’t touch.
I came out of the shoe closet a good three hours later, a refreshing walk down memory lane. Not a single shoe was leaving its home, I was determined to only build and grow from here, not scale back. Build a bigger and better closet that would house all shoes of my past, present, and future.

Spring cleaning or not, the shoe closet shall remain untouched.

Now which shoes do I wear to the home improvement store?…


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