D.I.V.O.R.C.E. one pair of shoes at a time.

As I sat in my divorce attorney’s parking lot I knew if I held the steering wheel any harder it would break. As I tried to relax my white knuckles, I contemplated my life was changing quickly.

I would soon go from being a married at home mom of two to a single divorced need-to-get-a-job-now working mom of two. The thought of driving home alone sounded pretty awful at that moment.

As I gazed across the street I saw a discount shoe store I had been in briefly a few years before. Since I was trying to keep up with my running toddler son at the time I didn’t have a chance to really check it out.
Now seemed like the time.

When I parked the car I looked around the strip mall. Let’s see – Dollar General, Tanning Place, Goodwill, Goody’s and Beaty’s Shoes. OK… Well what the hell – I need to distract myself.
When I entered the store, called Beaty’s I found the aisle with my size. Wandering down the rows and rows of shoes I saw Enzo Anglioni, Anne Taylor, Brighton. Was I hallucinating?

I picked them up. Yes, they really were legitimate.

OK here was Coach. I felt light headed!

Living in a rural area where you don’t have an Ann Taylor for hundreds of miles, I knew I had entered some kind of heaven.

Then I remembered this was the place I had heard about – in low whispers! Beaty’s is where over-runs, clearance shoes from all over ended up. Beaty’s is where beautiful, brilliant shoes that had been tossed aside were valued, cared for, encouraged.

I heard music…no singing…no…more like a quartet. A Gospel Quartet. As a cradle Episcopalian I was trying to place the lyrics. They reminded of the gospel quartets that were on Sunday television when I was growing up in Spartanburg, South Carolina. No Light FM for Beaty’s…
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
I tried on shoe after shoe to the gospel rhythms.

When the prices are around $25 this retail therapy was – well – WOW! I decided on a pair of BCBG closed pointy toe, sling backs with a chunky kitten heel.

As I walked outside with my fab shoes I noticed it was sunny. Had it been sunny earlier? Probably.


As the divorce proceedings progressed, the Beaty’s became my regular stop. Purchases went from one pair a day, to two pairs a day to the three !@#$%^& pair of shoes days.

With the low prices I could work through my anger moments without “retail regret”!

I rebuilt my life one day at a time, one pair of shoes at a time. I have no doubt that God works in mysterious ways.

So, if you’re in Tennessee and need a lift, head to Beaty’s.

They don’t have a web site, but here they are:

Beaty’s Shoes

(423) 245-8573

1163 N Eastman Rd, Kingsport, TN 37664


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