Audrey Hepburn Never Did This

Ballet Flats—yes, I know it’s a trend, but I mean the real thing… the ones ballerinas wear!

Like the Capezio Sculpture, a deal at $32 at capeziostore.com.

I have a long-standing love affair with ballet flats and all ballet flat-related shoes. That Audrey Hepburn look of black skinny capri pants and black flats is a classic for a reason.

It looks fabulous and wonderfully comfortable. For Halloween 2006 I was in New York for a party at a club thrown by my friend and her boy friend. I decided to go as a ballet flat-wearing corseted vampire in black pants, and my ballet flats were, indeed, actual pink ballet flats. My friend was dressed as a cloaked witch with black platform boots, a la Stevie Nicks, and informed me we would be taking the subway, or rather subways, to the party. But, my ballet flats! How could they survive concrete and subways?

Wouldn’t they be in shreds by the time I got to the party?

Because the party was taking place a few days after Halloween, people stared at my friend and me in our witch and vampire costumes as we ran from train to train.

I leaped over puddles, ran down subway stairs and somehow made it to the club, ballet flats intact. So, what is the lesson here?

What has this Shoe Experience taught me?

I can successfully wear ballet flats outdoors, but best do it occasionally.

And I should try to avoid wearing them when, say, rock climbing.

Or doing anything that involves water.

Or mud. Or extreme weather of any kind.

Best stick to wearing ballet flats when running for subways… breakfastingt at Tiffany’s… or attending after-Halloween parties!


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