By the Door Shoes

In college, I had a pair of woolen clogs that I wore nearly everyday. They were worn, had one hole in the toe and were not nearly as warm as I would have liked during a Maine winter, but one thing they did have in abundance was easy access.

Nearly a decade later, I have escaped the wilds of Maine, but I am living in Boston where the winters are just as cold and a girl still needs a good pair of “by the door shoes.” Most women will know what I am talking about.

They are the shoes we wear when the dog needs to pee at 3 a.m. and our husbands are too tired to be roused.

They are the ones we wear when the garbagemen are halfway down the street and we are in our bathrobe, barefoot and realize we forgot to curb the trash. They are also the shoes we wear when something has been rotting in the fridge for two weeks and needs to be disposed of IMMEDIATELY (and yes, this happened to me yesterday. Worry not, no shoes were harmed in the process.)

Each of these situations has one thing in common: the need for speed. In the summer, I usually just go barefoot or wear my flip-flips, but in the other three seasons I need shoes that can work fast. There is no time to pause to lace up my running shoes. There is no time to do much but jam my feet into something that will cover them and get myself outside.

One might think finding such a shoe is an easy task. But it is not. In fact, slip-on shoes tend to resemble our grandfather’s house shoes. They come in two colors: light brown and khaki.

They often have a fuzzy lining and rarely are they anything less than frightening to behold.

This will not do.

I am not asking for fashion from my “by the door shoes,” but I do need to at least look like I am not borrowing a homeless man’s slippers.

Recently, I have found what I consider to be the perfect “by the door shoes.”

They are deep brown and black, so they look good with anything, even my terry cloth bathrobe (this is key as this is what I am most often running outside in). They are easy to get on and off, mighty comfortable and once in a while, I could even wear them more than 30 feet outside my house. They are just that cute.

These shoes are not for everyone and I recognize that Carrie may not have worn them. But for the disorganized among us, they may just be the difference between our trash leaving the house today or living to stink another week.

They are the Privo Comice, available widely for about $80. See you chasing the trash men!


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