Gabba-Gabba-HEY, these Docs are pretty nice.

When I was a fifteen year-old punk rocker, all I wanted in the world (besides being pulled up onstage at a Ramones concert) was a pair of oxblood Dr. Martens. Instead, I got military-issue jump boots.

The paratrooper boots had to be special ordered from a military supply catalog, in a men’s size 5 ½. They arrived, stiff and shiny with a toecap of perforated leather and black lacing up my shins. I wore them first with thick socks and then thick tights and, finally, by the time summer rolled around I could rock them with a miniskirt and a pair of thin, torn fishnets. Still, the jump boots didn’t carry quite the same cache as oxblood Docs.

On the streets of Toronto I met “real” punk rockers (read: Art school students with creative hair cuts) in leather jackets and those covetable boots.

Thick soles for long days of walking and even longer nights of partying; narrow construction so they hugged the leg over tight jeans.

Sadly, I never did buy my Docs. (And then I moved on and became a Birkenstock-wearing hippy. But that’s another story).

These days my closet doesn’t call out for the sort of butt-kicking boots meant to be paired with a Mohawk.

In fact, I’d long thought my Dr. Martens’ days were behind me until I recently discovered the company’s Jenna ankle boots. Cut sleekly close to the leg, they come in grown up colors like midnight blue; the toe is elegantly narrow and the 2-inch heel is walkable enough for spending the day running errands.

Detailing like snaps at the ankle and calf and a renegade cowgirl tassel give these boots just a hint of the Dr. Marten angst I so loved half my life ago. Polished with a whisper of punk – why not? T

he only problem: I can’t seem to find them in the U.S. Of course, the fact that these boots are exclusive to the U.K. only points, in my mind, to their undeniable cool.

Or I just haven’t really grown up yet. And I’m okay with that.

(ed’s note: shoetube sez thru the wonders of the internet, you can get them cross contient thru amazon.co.uk. just watch that UK sizing chart.)


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