My New #1…. Exit Donald, enter Ann

Donald Pliner, we’ve had a great run. But every relationship runs its course. Yes, I’m sorry, I thought I was clear about that when we met… I’ll never be a one shoe girl.

I have loved, yes loved, a lot of shoes in my life. And you will always be very special to me. Look how much care I’ve taken with you. I have hadyou shoes re-soled, re-heeled, basically resuscitated more than once.

Brown and linen with pointy toe, kitten heel slide – you have seen me through so much.

Yes, we look good together. Yes, you make my legs look long. We also apparently defy gravity according to almost everyone who sees us together! The fact you stay on my feet amazes many people. Donald, we’ve had a great run.

But you have this “squeak,” yes “squeak,” that I cannot get rid of.

Walking along as the Southern Ambassador of Sole with a squeaky heel will not do. Not at all! Something must be done!

Donald, I’ve met someone. Her name is Ann… Taylor… Loft. Good family, old money. I know. Trophy Shoe? Don’t say that.

She’s very down-to-earth. She makes me feel young.

Yes, there is a new shoe in the closet.

Brown, suede, peep toe, wedge heel, t-strap,

Brown suede mmmm…feels so good but didn’t cost me enough to be bad.

Wedge heel – better choice when I have to hurry – trot as opposed to an all out run. Yes I do need to hurry – even in the South!

T-Strap – so sophisticated yet fun.

I am so sorry Donald, but I need to move on. I’ll be dropping you at the second hand store. I’m sure you’ll find someone… more your own speed.



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