Retail Road Trip, Anyone?

In this life, there are “mall rats” and there are “mall guinea pigs.” The latter is an ambitious species that will flee her homeland every spring with no other purpose than to check out the retail precincts in other cities/states/countries/continents.

For me, embarking on a shopping excursion in a far away land is foremost a professional duty (insert big grin here), but it’s also a girls-only tradition. Twice a year my girlfriends and I spend an entire weekend stranded at a mall located no less than 500 miles from our home. And by stranded, I mean we turn off the BlackBerry and revert to the bare necessities: credit cards and comfortable athletic shoes made for out-sprinting the crowds.

The thrill is in the hunt—and in returning home with a rented convertible overflowing with skyscraper heels, peek-a-boo dresses, designer bags, skin-perfecting cosmetics, and other accroutements to make an ex grovel. That’s right, the retail road trip offers intensive therapy for the freshly brokenhearted, especially when there are spa treatments involved. My pal Kara attests to the healing power of a traveling weekend because, according to her, “There’s no chance of running into him or being reminded of the places we shopped together.” Hitting the road is also a fabulous way for happily single gals to bond over pink cocktails and MasterCard receipts, especially on holidays when smug couples are indulging in their own getaways.

But enough about our healthy spending habits; start planning your own springtime spree…


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