Channeling Betty Boop

I never look forward to saying sayonara to luscious leather and suede boots for spring, but the latest patent leathers and satins are making the transition bearable.

High priestess of fashion Betsey Johnson has really outdone herself with the Clovis pump, which is begging to be paired with a jersey knit LBD (little black dress). The merit of this she-devilishish peep-toe is that the actual pee

p is so slight that it doesn’t reveal much toe, which is great for me because the look is unabashedly spring-y while disguising my dominant second toe. What’s more, it doesn’t necessitate a perfect pedicure and allows me to forgo self-tanner for nylon stockings on days when I’m feeling lazy or cold.

The exciting thing about this particular pair of mass-produced shoes, is that odds are slim you’ll run into someone else wearing them, despite the fact they’re sold at Nordstrom and Betsey Johnson boutiques across the country. They’re not for the faint of heart, or for wallflowers, or for women who don’t want to attract stares because stare they will. The d

esign channels Betty Boop with bold color (think floral-inspired pops of red and green on noir satin) and a chunky, rather cartoonish build.

Full disclosure: The heel is high maintenance. High gloss gives it the appearance of patent leather, but the

black, acrylic-like material is easily chipped and revealing of white underneath so you have to be cautious about where you walk, or how your legs dangle when you’re sitting on a bar stool. The box includes a set of studs for the bottom of the heel so that you can replace them when you wear the first ones out. I’m not sure what will happen when those replacements run out, but I guess that’s a price I’m willing to pay for stand-out shoes.


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