Frat Boy Fab

Worn khakis, ragged tees, sweat-stained ball caps—frat boys aren’t exactly known for their fashion sense. When it comes to shoes, though, they might just be on to something.

As I strolled amongst the brick buildings and white columns those first few days of college, I noticed that all the boys either wore flip-flops or these moccasin-type shoes with a rubbery wedge sole. I did some research at a local shoe store and found that they were called Wallabees, they came in women’s sizes, they were really comfortable, and I needed a pair! A shoe that debuted in the 60’s, I later found out they were also a favorite of my mother’s back in the old days. I wore my Wallabees all through college, but figured they would go into post-college retirement along with my lucky Beirut (beer pong) ball.

Since entering the “real world” I’ve realized two things: my dining room table converts nicely into a Beirut table, and Wallabees are quite work-friendly.

With the onset of spring, there are many days when finding the right footwear can be rather challenging. Many days are too chilly for flip-flops, not rainy enough for wellies, and you are most certainly not going to expose your beloved Choos to the elements! My favorite thing about Wallabees is how well they blend with work attire, so you don’t even have to schlep along an extra pair of “work shoes.”

As I channel my inner frattiness, I depart for work in camel pants, a navy blazer, a pink shirt, and Wallabees; only my boss and blackberry stand between me and an afternoon game of Beirut.


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