Better Than Rubies

Red Shoes have always been the stuff of fantasies and make believe.
From the Dorothy’s Rub Slippers to Wonder Woman’s blazing boots, this brazen color footwear has always inspired power beyond words. The power to bring men to their knees. The power to kick some evil booty. And, of course, the power to bring us home.

My own shoe fetish can possibly be traced back to one day, one point in time, one movie—the Wizard of Oz. The day I spotted those shoes on Dorothy, sparkling and full of splendor, I knew I was a goner. A shoe lover was born.
Since roughly the age of five, I have sought my own ruby slippers. First, I bought sparkly flats, then as I got older, I graduated to more subdued low heels. And finally, today I have a collection of red heels, some higher than others, some flashier than others.
Red has the power to punch up almost any color outfit, without sending it into hyper overdrive. It adds just enough color and mystery to lend some style, but, depending on the shoe, still allows the whole outfit to shine.
Of course, this all depends on the shade. With their peep toe and patent sheen, these shoes are not for the feint of heart. They may be more Red Shoes Diary than Ruby Slipper, but they are all a girl would need to snag a home –if that’s what she’s looking for.
Yes, Auntie Em and Uncle Henry would probably gasp, their Kansas sensibility would be most offended. And yes, these are shoes that require a yellow taxi not a long walk down a yellow brick road, but they are hot, hot, hot.
Paired with jeans and a sweater, these shoes could almost be subdued, but add a bustier and a pair of tight capris and a girl could give Dita Von Teese a run for her money. Good witch? Bad witch? Who cares in these shoes. Just watch out no one tries to smash you with their house in order to snatch them.
There is no wizard so wise as Marc Jacobs. He gives me courage, heart, brains and a pair of shoes that make me want to click my heels.


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