Here Comes the Bride (and the Blisters)!

For brides, bridesmaids, and guests the perfect wedding shoes can be as mythical as a bridesmaid dress you can wear again.

“Bridal” shoes have always been a mystery to me for the sheer fact that I can’t imagine buying a pair of shoes to only wear once! Over the past several months I’ve been a guest, maid of honor, and consultant to several very dear brides-to-be; I still don’t understand “bridal” shoes, but I have made some very interesting observations.

The ideal wedding shoes must be fabulous, comfortable, and ready to party, right? When it comes to choosing shoes, the wedding guest probably has the widest range of options, since she will be wearing an ensemble of her choosing. Next are bridesmaids depending on whether the bride dictates shoes choice, and then there’s the bride. On one hand the bride has every option: bargain ballet flats, Blahink’s with bling, why not go barefoot?! Then again, it is your wedding and as much as you might love to walk down the aisle in Chuck Taylors, it’s just doesn’t seem quite appropriate.

It seems that when it comes to weddings, choice is a luxury not afforded to many. Sometimes you have to make the most of what you have and insert some foot petals or get creative. Whether you’re a bride stretching out your wedding shoes by wearing three pairs of socks or a guest trying to keep a pair of slingbacks slung with some scotch tape, you may find that any shoes can be the perfect shoes when you’re spending quality time with friends, family, and a strong cocktail.


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