A Hospital Shoe Miracle

“You have to find a really cute pair of shoes for the hospital,” my friend told me roughly six weeks before I was going to enter the hospital for the birth of my second baby.

After back to back pregnancies, a demanding toddler and a cumbersome pregnancy, my own shoes were the last thing on my mind. I had been wearing the same tired Reef flip-flops for months (my one summer splurge? Monthly pedicures).

My friend was right. It was time for something hot, something decadent, something just for me. Unfortunately, my burgeoning belly and swollen feet were screaming “no heels!” while my wallet was screaming “stay out of Nordstrom.” So what is a formerly shoe loving mama with swollen feet and a toddler whose monthly shoe budget exceeds her own to do?

Jump on board the latest trend.

That’s right. Two hours into my shoe shopping extravaganza, I stumped upon these.

Apparently the jelly shoes I wore at eight with my jam shorts and an OP t-shirt were back, only this time they were for grown-ups, just as cheap as ever, but more bedazzled. My toddler daughter, who loves all things sparkly went nuts. My friend picked up a pair as well.

I went through my checklist.

Flats? Check. Comfortable? Check. Cheap? Check. Chic? Check. All they were missing was my feet.

The day after I had my son, I shuffled from my room to the kitchen in search of sustenance. Covering my lumpy, unrecognizable body was a standard issue johnny. But on my feet? Oh yes, there they were. Hot, indeed. My friend was right.

My hair was a mess, my undereye circles massive. My lumpy, doughy body was shockingly unfamiliar.

But my feet? They were bangin’. “I love your shoes,” one new mother exclaimed, her own feet clad in the standard hospital pedi-socks. I loved them, too.

The fact is, I would have spent $1,000 to feel like at least one part of me was still cool, but I only had to spend $20. A true-shoe miracle, indeed.


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