Hitting the sidewalks with Cydwoq

Autumn comes slowly where I live. Those last 75 and 80s degree days linger on toward Halloween, long after I’ve grown completely sick of my sandals. The shoulder season is marked by golden light, balmy days giving way to crisp evenings, a tapestry of colored leaves and the return to red lipstick. But — and it seems petty to complain here — that delayed gratification of a cold snap means my boots have to stay in the closet.

Like a school girl desperate to wear her new wool dress on the first day of class (even though the forecast calls for shorts), I’ve learned to make concessions. Now, before tall boots come artfully-constructed pre-autumn heels in my shoe roster.

A friend introduced me to Cydwoq footwear a few years ago. She worked, for a time, in a boutique where she was able to buy the close-out styles at bargain prices. Over the years they became her go-to shoes — sculptural, copper-colored flats with skinny black jeans or floaty floral dresses. It didn’t make sense that a pair of shoes so otherworldly, so out-of-the-ordinary realm of ballet flats and Mary Janes could be so versatile: I was convinced the shoes were magic.

My first Cydwoq romance was with a pair of off-white kitten heels in a shop window. I couldn’t afford them so I took a picture and posted it on my blog, musing over what outfits I could create. The shoes, in my mind, bucked the “no white after Labor Day” taboo. They seemed to emanate both from a time before such restrictions (a nod to white kid button boots) and simultaneously from a more fashion-savvy future (Carrie Bradshaw plays Barbarella).

As Autumn hints at its arrival this year, I’m again drawn to the post-modern musings of the new Cydwoq vintage collection. Architectural heels, hand-sewn leather, antique buttons and red-hot racing stripes. I can imagine myself pairing the shoes with jeans and skirts, the black leather tough enough for impending cold temps, the graceful cut-outs airy enough to weather these last gasps of Indian summer.


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