From the Streets to my Feet

At the risk of sounding like Sophia Petrillo: Picture it–Baltimore 2008, a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I was taking a stroll through the streets when I stumbled upon a pair once beautiful black knee high boots covered in fifth with nothing but flies swarming the once supple leather (or pleather. . .we are in Baltimore.)

It was a tragic day for these discarded pair of shoes—a sad day indeed. As I swept past them wearing my favorite pair of Delmans I couldn’t imagine, what kind of owner would do this to her own kin. I thought about my own shoes, tucked away neatly in their original boxes. I thought about how they made me smile and supported me through the best and worst days of my life. My shoes and I have a mutual respect for one another.

But so many shoes are not so lucky. Go to any thrift store or discount mall and you will see the ruins of many good intentions. I know one store at East Point Mall in Dundalk, Maryland that is literally where shoes go to die. It is a blood bath or yuck, and I personally want no parts of it. However, I find myself in these stores more times than I care to mention. I am looking for that one gem, that lost sole (punning is my life) that is looking for a good home.

I was lucky enough to find said gem not too long ago. I am now the proud owner of a stunning pair of vintage cowboy boots in a dark maroon, and just in time for pre-fall. They pinch a little and have a worn out heel, but the blisters are worth it. Besides these shoes have street cred. This picture is the best I could find, but as you know these boots are one of a kind. Perhaps “slumming” it has its ups.

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