Shoe Street 101

“I do not want to spend the best years of my life in a financial depression. I better be able to buy shoes.”

Wall Street vs. Main Street is nice and all, but let’s put things in terms we can understand: Shoe Street. It’s virtually impossible to avoid the chatter about the state of the economy, but it all gets very confusing and overwhelming quite quickly. So what does it all really mean? More importantly, as my friend queried, are we going to be able to buy shoes?

In both the financial and fashion worlds we tend to panic at the first buzz from either a Bernake or a Bradshaw. Who would have thought Balenciaga gladiator sandals would have caused such a rush?! So what’s a girl to do, run out and sell every other shoe in her closet just so she can invest in the one shoe the market says is a hot item? Just because you’re being told that your current shoes aren’t up to par, doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. Sooner or later another trend will come along that is more suited to your lifestyle. As the market fluctuates, you may even find yourself thankful for not ditching those trusty espadrilles for trendy gladiators.

Ballet flats or blue chips, T-bills or T-straps—the moral of the story is to remain calm, do your research, and hope this current financial trend is passé by the next fashion week. As long as you keep all your shoes lined up and in order, I see a bright future filled with lots of promising shoes: maybe even a few red-backed ones!


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