Loving My Limited Edition, Elk Leather Boots

Who knew that an exquisite pair of limited edition elk leather boots could solve several problems and eradicate my antipathy towards sub-zero temperatures?

You see, Jason and I want to wean ourselves off of our car driving dependence. It’s an idea that I always endorse in the summer but hesitate on when I get cold feet in autumn. Going green is such a complex equation of individual economics, environmental awareness, and personal comfort.

Jason never seems to waver. Being originally from Wisconsin, my dyed in the wool, green and gold, Packer loving husband has a fondness for frigid temperatures that I can’t fathom. Ever since he switched from San Francisco to Boston for our relationship four years ago, he’s relished the cinnamon scented breezes, apple cider donuts, crackling hardwoods, and other quintessential warnings that winter is about to envelop New England.

Not me. Even when I pledged myself to take a walk a day for the next year as part of an exercise in the Jacob Pillow’s Choreographers’ Lab, I knew I might balk by mid-October. Don’t get me wrong, my three-mile commute is not inconvenient and I do appreciate how it awakens my senses. As a native of Nashville, however, I despise the discomfort of slogging through slush and snow and suffering through the rest of the day with soggy toes.

Also, as you may have read, my quest for knee high boots had been frustrating and fruitless until I snuggled into a pair of fleecy Sorel Caribou Reserves. I am pleased to announce that these shearling lined confections can indeed circumnavigate my unusual calves with ease, warmth, and style. Unlike those trendy rain boots that I had to return last fall, Sorel’s reinforced handmade rubber soles won’t rip open after a few trips through town and the breathable elk uppers keep feet from getting sweaty and foul.

Even my dance students, who have never noticed my shoes before, glowed with emerald hued envy when they spotted these black leather beauties parked by the studio door. And though strangers have stopped to gawk on the sidewalk at their stylish exterior, these classic waterproof Caribou’s will keep me cozy and dry at –40 degrees.

If you want to join me in my newfound fair weather fandom, don’t dither because only 1,250 pairs were made for this winter. Unlike the sub-prime mortgage market, these boots are a worthwhile investment that could last longer than the Polar ice caps. And, as added incentive, if you use them to commute, they will pay for themselves quite quickly, especially if gas prices go back up.


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