Help! Will Date for Shoes!

Shopping for shoes is a lot like Speed Dating. The average shoe-lover can enter a store, size up the merchandise and select or eliminate what she wants in minutes—the same time it roughly takes her to form an opinion about a man.

I signed myself up for one of those “tried and true” dating sites once during a dry spell. I answered all the questions, got my profile set up and waited to see who the people behind the dating curtain paired me up with. I experienced a strange sense of both curiosity and loss of control. What if I had no matches?

Soon enough, my curiosity was satisfied. The computer sent me match after match. The problem was, every time I got the nerve to check out one of these potential sole mates, I was disheartened by the clear mismatch I felt at my end.
Then I realized, dating and shoe-shopping have one thing in common. They’d both be so much easier if our happiness depended on their exteriors. Sounds cliché, I know, but think about it—how many times have we girls had our eyes and hearts set on a shoe and when we finally have the money to buy it, we try it on and it either looks or feels all wrong?

The same can be said for dating. Most of the men I’ve gone out with have been “good on paper”—in other words, they looked good, they seemed normal, but underneath the swarthy charm and designer duds they were nothing more than giant duds themselves. Strike 1,2,3,4 etc.

That said, how many of us have a tried and true pair of inexpensive heels stowed away in the back of our closet that—even though we’ll never admit it—get more wear than the fancy Louboutins or Blahniks because, well, they’re just more comfortable?
For me, it’s a pair of black suede peep toe wedge heels by Kors. They’re tall, but the wedge allows me to wear them standing for long periods at a time. They’re beat up and the threading along the seams sometimes comes out and gets a bit tangled. But without fail, when I need a shoe that makes my legs look good and keeps my ankles from buckling (despite the questionable number of drinks I may pour down my gut) I know where to turn.

So guys and gals, go take a peep through your closets. Turn the light on, crane your necks, and look waaay in the back. You know where they are. Pull out those “old reliables” dust them off and give credit where credit is due! I guarantee you, you won’t be sorry!

P.S. Will get back to you on the dating front… I’m still figuring that one out!


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