Asically Infatuated

For a runner, almost nothing is as important as our shoes—a little tip I learned the hard way.
When I first started seriously running (more than 10 miles a week), I was still buying my running shoes at the local general fitness store—in other words, I was an injury waiting to happen. Soon enough, there it was: a stress fracture.
Four weeks without running (and with a super fashionable boot) ensued and as anyone addicted to the sport knows, four days is hard to deal with, let alone 28. I was miserable, sad and in no mood to get hurt again.
During my down time, I learned a few things:
1.) A runner needs to replace his or her shoes every 250 miles. This means if you log 25 miles a week (like me), you shoud buy new shoes every 10 weeks. I know that seems insane, but like most addictions, it isn’t cheap to feed. Look at it this way: running shoes are cheaper than crack.
2.) A runner needs to have their gait analyzed professionally. I am an overpronator, which means I roll my foot inward with every step. When I ran on the track team I was plagued by shin splints. This is why. I need stability shoes.
3.) A runner who is serious needs to buy shoes at a running specialty store from runners.
My new shoes were beautiful stability shoes from the local running store. Pricier? Maybe. But my legs thank me for it after every run. No more shin pain. No more worn soles. I get new shoes four or five times a year and try to stick with the same model.
I love these Asics more than just about anything. And the upshot? My shoes are always pristine. After all, how much dirt can accumulate in just 10 weeks?
So run I do and look running chic, to boot. Now if only I were as diligent about my sports bras….


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