Hooves in voting booths!

As someone who has never outgrown her fondness for formal wear, I relish every invite to volunteer for a charity gala or to attend an opening night. My childhood exposure to White Gloves and Party Manners classes in Nashville might not have tamed my less than lady like instincts but they did unleash my still incurable interest in high heels, hats, and hoopla.

When I lived in Chicago, my roommate Christine and I amassed an amazing arsenal of ball gowns and invented all kinds of excuses to employ them. We would even get all gussied up in evening attire to go grocery shopping because it made this mundane task much more exciting.

Somehow I have never considered how to dress on Election Day before this year. Oddly enough, however, it was a hateful talk show host who inspired me. While I won’t repeat any of his ridiculous rhetoric, he did mention that his grandparents always put on their best clothes to go vote.

So after some speculation, I am advocating that we show some style as we stride into the polling places. (Not sure where you are going yet? Check here.)

Obviously, eveningwear would be overkill at 7 AM. I settled instead on a subdued neo-suffragette silhouette punctuated by my Grand National Corset boots by John Fluevog. These hoof shaped heels jibed well with my political ideals today as I stood in line by Trum Field. So tell me, which shoes did you choose on this historic occasion?


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