Playgroup Chic

As a mom, I have few opportunities to dress up and most of the time I would not want to anyway. Kids are messy, after all.

Case in point: yesterday I wore my favorite pair of AG jeans to the playground and returned sporting some kind of mystery substance on my calf. Was it chocolate? Mud? Poop? I may never know. What I do know is that the 100+ shoes I amassed during my childless years do not make the cut when it comes to the playground.

Still, there are times Mama needs to look cool, if only to impress the moms in her new playgroup that drinks. After all, she wants to be invited back.

In those cases, Mama needs a brand new pair of boots (since the same old diaper bag must suffice). These boots need to be both stylish and comfortable and they also need to slip over the my old size four jeans–the only pair I can squeeze my currently size six butt into.

My current objects of lust are stylish, soft and warm–perfect for winter. They are called “Alaska” boots and kind of remind me of cold winter nights by the fire. Both comfy and chic, these boots are as practical as they are attractive. I will not look like the poor newbie mom who wore heels to the playground one unfortunate day in August. She left with several speared wood chips on her heels and a new appreciation for flats. Nope, these boots make sense and are still cute. Sigh. They make my mouth water just to consider.

Yes, I will still not fit into my old jeans, I may wear sneakers 6 out of 7 days, but on that seventh day, Mama will look cool. Possibly even as cool as Sarah Palin. We may not agree with her politics, but we can all agree that is one smoking mom of five.

Alaska–cool, indeed.


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