Boot Hides in Iceland

The Catfish is Out of the Bag!

I love secrets but sometimes I hate to keep them. Iceland, however, is just the opposite. It is riddled and defined by enigmas. After all, how can one island be the home to Europe’s largest desert and glaciers? Why have so many elves or “hidden people” chosen to migrate there? Why does anyone expect tourists to know that the road from Hafnarfjörður to Grindavik is impassable if they don’t put up a sign? You have no idea how easy it is to get stranded on an ice bank in the middle…

Oops. Perhaps there are some stories that shouldn’t be shared (especially with rental car companies).

At any rate, now that the Icelandic economy has imploded, it is quickly becoming a more affordable option for Americans. Even if you aren’t interested in the Northern Lights or the Blue Lagoon, Maria K Magnusdottir might lure you there. This statuesque, blonde, mother of two who just happens to be fluent in Icelandic, Danish, German, French, English (and studies Chinese in her spare time), is an independent, shoe designing mastermind. Seriously, look at those boots.

Psst. They are made OUT OF CATFISH SKINS!! (See I told you, I am hopeless with an inside scoop.)

While many people politely peel off a catfish’s skin and abandon it at the side of their plate, Maria has 7.5 of them shaped into the sophisticated front side of these shoes. Maria also employs salmon and perch in her distinctive designs.

Personally, I relish the unusual and am very curious about alternative leathers, such as my limited edition elk leather boots. However, I know some people might get freaked out by putting fish skins on their feet. Perhaps I should mention that they feel fabulous and don’t smell funky. Also, these durable hides age wonderfully and they are naturally waterproof.

Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden just announced a $2.5 billiion bail out plan for Iceland today. So do your part to help out too and rush up to Reykjavik to get a pair (or two while the exchange rate is so good). Even if you just pop through on a layover to London on Iceland Air, you can still snag these beauties at the duty-free store in Keflavik airport.

Ok, ok, I guess I will let you in on one last secret. You can catch them on her website.


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