Guys and Shoes: Round II

“Heels are like lingerie: pretty, but impractical”

Wow. Needless to say this one caused quite the chatter at Junior League Happy Hour that night!

It all started after a friend of mine bought this amazing pair of Lillybee peep-toe mary janes. Not only were these shoes amazing, but they’re by a local D.C. designer, Kassie Rempel. It took some slight arm-twisting to convince my dear friend that these shoes were totally Capitol Hill appropriate, but I knew all along she was not leaving the store with those shoes.

I digress, so my friend was on her way to work the next morning and decided to try out two things: her new shoes and my theory about Nice Shoes=Nice Legs. Her bus driver was the first lad she won over and it was nothing but compliments all day, except for one gentleman. The man in question commented that “shoes are like lingerie: pretty, but impractical.” My friend didn’t really know how to react, and who could blame her? Later that evening, the interpretation of that phrase was up for debate. Is it good, bad, does he have problems with patent leather? If a man disses your shoes, does that mean he doesn’t like your legs?!?! I told my friend not to fret. Obviously, her man friend had not been reading Shoetube, because if he had, he definitely would have said “nice shoes.”


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