An Early New Year’s Resolution

Get in shape. Volunteer more. Learn how to cook Thai food. They’re all top priorities on my soon-to-be New Year’s resolution list, but this year, I’m also committing to only buying the necessities in shoes and clothing.

This is partly because the closet is now overflowing with things I’ve managed to wear once…and then I’m over it. The magic is gone after just one showing of my latest find, so I’m resolving to ONLY buy things that have a utility factor of at least 5 – I must be able to wear the item at least 5 times within a year to justify the purchase. I’ve even bought a little notebook to keep track of the events I plan to attend sporting my new ensemble, and plan to carry this by my side on every shopping adventure.

This will all happen, of course, after the New Year’s party. Buying a new outfit for New Year’s needs no justification.

As a result, I’ve resolved to find the most eye-catching, glamorous and ‘can-you-believe-she’s-wearing-those-in-winter?’ shoes. Otherwise known as this pair of Giuseppe Zanotti stiletto pumps.

You see, it’s not every day that you get to wear snake-embossed leather and glossy patent leather in one step. These red hot shoes with black trim and a sleek silver snake embossing are the perfect way to draw attention to the red and silver dress I’ll be sporting for the New Year’s bash. They’re chic, elegant, and even have an up-to-there heel to take the va-va-voom factor up a notch. To the second power, in fact.

I’ll be kicking off the New Year with a pair of over the top heels that demand no justification beyond the New Year’s bash. These might make an appearance on my birthday, but they’re officially my last overindulgent purchase from the shoe department.



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