City Boot, Country Boot

My college was way up in Maine—the kind of place where the sidewalks get a thin coat of ice in October that only seems to thicken in the ensuing months. By the time April rolls around, we had a veritable skating rink.

It was not the kind of place where we got dressed up to hit the bars on Friday nights, unless by “dress up” you mean Patagonia over LL Bean.

Like all hearty New Englanders, we were a practical sort, used to taking a beating all winter long and we dressed to take it, especially when I compare us to my sister’s college photos—full of midriffs, legs and heels, heels, heels. And she was hardly in California. At her Midwestern school, they chose style over practicality, but we New Englanders are descended from the same hearty pilgrims that believed in working until death. No puritan would be caught dead in a belly shirt.

I am mildly jealous when I think of how every day I get older and I wasted four years of my prime largely clothed in pajama bottoms, sweatshirts and Bean Boots.

Now I am almost a decade older and still living in a New England climate. And while I am a city dweller, the sidewalks in my little metropolis are often no better than the ones I encountered in the wilds of Maine (let’s just say I sport a pair of Yak Trax when I go on winter runs).

Last week I started the search for a pair of winter boots. These are the kinds that will need to take me from my family lake house where skiing, sledding and snowman building are all on the weekend agenda, but also manage to look decent should I decide to slap on a pair of skinny AGs and go meandering down Newbury with my children.

And so my search began. No longer was I in college when a rubber pair of boots with good traction was all I needed. Now I needed something stylish to boot (pun intended).

When I stumbled upon these on Zappos, I hit paydirt in one pair of shoes that both satisfied my New England sensibility and my wannabe New York sense of style.

Slap some waterproofing on these suckers and they will take me from dirt roads to city sidewalk in no time.

Comfortable, stylish, warm AND able to meet my practical New England standards? It seemed an impossible task. But these Weitzmans can do the trick. If I play my cards right, they may even last me more than one winter.


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