Reduce, Reuse and Rewear all Winter

2633601358_c816037340The other day, as played shoe dress-up in my closet for the umpteenth time with my toddler daughter, I became wistful about the strappy ones, the ones I had always assumed were strictly relegated to the summer.

In Boston, we are a practical people. We don’t do ostentatious displays of wealth, we dress sensibly for the season and we try not to trip on the cobblestone that pervades the city. So open-toed shoes? Barely even a summer “do” around here.

But my closest friend lives in New York City and she tells me that there, it is a do. In fact, the City that Never Sleeps apparently also condones tights with open-toed shoes for the truly fashion courageous.

While I am not sure I can rock the clothed toe look (It is a little too “organic co-op grocery store in Cambridge, Mass/Birkenstock sandals accompanied by thick, rag wool socks for me), I do think that open toed shoes in the winter make quite a statement because where do we see this look the most? On celebrities.

Yes, that’s right. Check out those feet on the red carpet in January. They are all showing off their posh pedicures under the heated lamps and tents. And why not? They are rich and they live in LA where is (kinda) warm all year round.

That is the thing about rocking the peep-toe look mid-winter, in the same way a $2 million dollar; five-carat engagement ring does, it screams, “I have money.” Because it requires perfectly pampered piggies when there is snow on the ground. Because it means taking cabs instead of walking from the subway. And because it implies, “I have door to door service.” It is a luxury to rock this look.

So is it a do or a don’t? I say, go for it. Would you get weird looks in Boston? Probably. But in New York or LA you would be seen as fashion forward and impossibly posh.

Besides, if you are spotting your open toed shoes at a party in Beacon Hill and someone mocks you for not being sensitive to the economic downturn with your pedicure and your cab rides and your impracticality, you can always respond by explaining that, in fact, you are thinking only of the environment. After all, you are recycling a summer look. What could be greener than that?

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1 Response to “Reduce, Reuse and Rewear all Winter”

  1. 1 shoeguy1
    December 15, 2008 at 11:40 pm

    I love birkenstocks, they are so comfortable
    This is the last pair I bought Birkenstock Arizona – Emerald Suede

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