The Infamous Mighty Humble Bumble Boots

humble-bumbleIn my family, one can hardly mention my Great Aunt Harriet’s name without someone throwing in a comment about these furry abominable snowman boots that she used to wear. For those of you that have been watching Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer this Holiday season, you can appreciate the Mighty Humble Bumble reference that most of my family uses when referring to these boots.

After hearing about these boots my entire life, imagine my surprise when my Aunt Pam (who’d acquired some of Aunt Harriet’s belongings over the year) pulled out the Humble Bumble boots on Thanksgiving day. As I sat there dazed by their awesome hairiness, trying to figure out if they’d fit my tootsies, Aunt Pam started talking about how she was going to burn them!!! Burn the Humble Bumble boots?! Why, that’s unthinkable! Sure, they’ve seen better days. Yes, they look like they need a trip to the hair salon. Maybe they kind of even shed –a lot. But burn them???
Luckily for me (and the boots) they were a perfect fit. It was truly a moment akin to that of Cinderella and her glass slipper. I think that with a little TLC and a good grooming, the Mighty Humble Bumble boots will be ready to make their debut on the après ski scene. I just hope that I’ve inherited at least some of Aunt Harriet’s sense of style and can keep people talking about my shoes for as long as she’s had people talking about the Mighty Humble Bumble boots!


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