Spring Awakening in Winter?!?!?

305061With all the cookies lying around and bake sale treats to eat, I am starting to get a little robust-which is my nice way of saying fat. It is during these Yule Tide days that I am thankful that I write about shoes and not pants, because at this point I am not sure they sell bolts of fabric large enough to house my hips.

Hopefully, I will get some exercise this weekend on my yearly Christmas trip to New York City. I scored some great ON STAGE seats to Spring Awakening. I have seen the show once before and decided that I would buy some show “themed” shoes. The show takes place in the late 19th Century in Germany. Popular boots in those days looked like this. I bought these slightly updated ones made by J. Shoes.

A quick google search later, and I find that I am not the only gal about town with these duds. Who knew Taylor Monsem of Gossip Girl and would have the same flare for Musical Theatre inspired shoes?!?!

These are my new favorite boots. At first glance they may seem ultra trendy, but I have worn them with leggings, jeans and dresses. I have taken the out on the town and pulled them off in a work environment. They are a true conversation starter, so those who shy away from being the center of attention may want to avoid these showstoppers (I couldn’t resist the pun).

I have about 20 people to buy for while I am in the city, and I haven’t the foggiest idea what I am going to get. I tend to panic shop. And this tends to end poorly. So, come Christmas morning while everyone else will be singing the blues, I can at least rest assured that my feet will be whistling a happy tune (last pun I swear).


1 Response to “Spring Awakening in Winter?!?!?”

  1. 1 lhouse08
    December 18, 2008 at 9:27 pm

    I have these boots and they are amazing. I wish I had them in every color—-comfortable and everyone loves them. I haven’t tried wearing them to the office yet, but they are perfect with skinny jeans.

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