Playing the New Year’s Princess

So it’s that time of year again, a time to take stock of the year’s past and count down to a New Year filled with hope, well wishes…and a new pair of shoes, perhaps?

It’s time to bid adieu to the woes and worries of 2008 and dream up a new life ahead. Indulge in the royal treatment during the post-holiday spending blitz – just one more purchase added to the 2008 shopping sprees couldn’t hurt, right?

End the year on the right foot, with the right shoes, I say, and you can’t go wrong.

Case in point: The Alexander McQueen Princess Platforms. These dazzling 4” heels will give you a chance to play Cinderella for the evening’s events, a beautiful pair of crystal shoes embellished with a silver paillette and made in a  classic peep-toe design. They’re strategically designed platforms, so you can dance the night away without fear of twisting your ankle. A perfect match for your royal ensemble that are sure to turn a few heads and even melt a few hearts.

Forget the fact that you may be teetering on a stiletto-like heel until sunrise. Forget the fact that a peep-toe pump means you could be playing footsie with some snow on your trek to the grand ball. And, forget the fact that these puppies will charge up at least four figures on the credit card statement.

Just enjoy the moment, and make a dramatic entrance to the night of revelries in high style, because when the clock strikes midnight and the carriage turns into a pumpkin…you could trade these $1,200+ heels for a used car.

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