Slippery Slope

Fab SlippersIt’s a few days after Christmas and there are more than a few moving boxes lining the walls in my apartment.  I’m tempted to buy one of those gas station onesies, slap on some rubber gloves, and start tossing everything I should have tossed before I packed up my last place.  But while I live in Boston, I refuse to wear anything flannel, fleece, or otherwise “comfortable” unless it’s to the gym.  Shudder if you must, but it is a slippery slope–one day you’re in drawstring pants at the supermarket, the next day you’re running errands in a parka over a flannel nightgown with no make-up on.


The same goes for hanging out at home.  Surely there are more attractive things to wear than college sweatpants and Uggs.  So instead of going barefoot in my sporadically heated apartment, I’m searching for something a little less hausfrau, a little more Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.  And while we can’t all have Alber Elbaz custom-make us some cute Lanvin flats for flitting around the house, these would trump Ugg boots any day.  They come in this lovely muted gold, silver, or black (if you want to get Jackie Kennedy about it).


I may even pick up a couple extra–after Husband and I clean up the place, we’re going to be those obnoxious people who make their floors a no-shoe zone, and I want my guests to come back.  Croissant, anyone?


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