Get Moving With New Balance

With a new year often comes New Year resolutions. Many people decide now is the time to get back in shape, lose weight and eat healthier. Sounds fabulous right? Now that it has been a little over a week since the new year, I wonder how many people are still trying.

new-balance-wr7681I try not to make new year resolutions because I feel even worse when I give up too quickly. However, I do set goals for myself several times throughout the year. I enjoy walking outside and looking at the beauty around me. So instead of “exercising” I am instead “enjoying nature”. It is just one little way to trick myself into getting out and moving my muscles. I need to have a good pair of shoes to do it though.

My favorite pair of athletic shoes are actually running shoes. I love the New Balance WR768’s for several reasons. They’re lightweight, have excellent support and they’re pretty! I prefer the white and pink ones, but they have several other colors as well. I can use these shoes on my walks or even just running around town, they are that comfortable. It took me several years to find a pair of running shoes that I truly loved. I am so glad I found these.

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