Purging, The Martha Way

Moving is a time for reassessment. What clothes to keep, what clothes to lose, and what clothes go to the tailor for real this time. When moving this fall, I discovered I had not one but two bags of shoes to take to Goodwill. Peeking into the bags, I reconfirmed these were all wise choices. The stacked heel Maryjanes in both black and tan (goodbye 1990’s Courtney Love), the white college graduation heels that never quite fit right, the bizarre “structural” wedges that seemed to be constructed out of children’s building blocks. None of these will be missed, and maybe someone out there can turn them into a Fashion Do.

Moving is also the time to organize a nice neat closet a la “Martha Stewart Living” and I cherish these moments (“cherish”–so Martha!). Laying out all my shoes in color-coordinated rows, I discovered that while I had scourged my closet of oversized slingbacks, I certainly was not lacking for gold shoes. Somehow I have accumulated six pairs over the last few years, and that’s not even counting the sandals. Cracked leather, matte leather, peep toe, mule, modern gladiator–there they all were, sparkling in the light of my new closet. I wondered how this could have happened. Then I realized that not only do I own too many gold shoes, I mostly WRITE about gold shoes. Martha does not approve of addictions.

stewart-weitzman-gold-heelsBut why not this one? Gold is a neutral, albeit a special one, and it adds the most lovely zing to any evening outfit. Like this pair–wouldn’t it be cute with jeans or a little red dress? These shoes are even named “Submit”–come on!

OK fine. I never make New Years resolutions, but perhaps I can two-step my way out of denial to focus on more pressing matters. Like silver shoes. Martha would appreciate the balance.


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