Combat Boots: In Memoriam

Called “The Reese” by Canyon River Blues, the urban combat boots so loved by ShoeTube blogger Wendy Toth were deemed unfit for winter wear on Friday, the second of January, two thousand nine.

The boots were discovered wholly by accident during a shopping trip to a Pennsylvania Sears in November 2007. “I was so mesmerized, I nearly forgot to buy a vacuum,” says Toth.

dscn13951Worn all over New York City for the better part of two years, the boots kept Toth from slipping over 96 times. This talent occasionally encouraged the wrath of other New Yorkers.

Two decorative buckles on each ankle dressed up their mostly military vibe, but weren’t enough to stave off the nickname Toth’s boyfriend still addresses her with–G.I. Jane. Unfettered, Toth continued to pair the boots with everything from skinny jeans to flowing dresses.

The boots enjoyed their most fashionable season in the fall of 2008, when similar, more expensive varieties hit the scene, even garnering a spread in the pages of Lucky. The boots’ reputation was subsequently lifted to dizzying heights. “If you just be yourself, you’ll end up with the kind of recognition you deserve,” reflects Toth. “The boots taught me that.” However, the paparazzi soon began taking a toll.

On November 14, 2008, while Toth was attending a birthday party at her neighbor’s apartment, not one, but three women surrounded the boots, peppering Toth with questions about their mysterious origin.

Shortly after, the boots ventured into one of their favorite puddles, the ankle-deep mini pond that forms on the corner of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and 15th street. Toth was shocked when, for the first time, cold water seeped through to her socks. No one is to blame, she says. The boots accompanied her on more excursions than any one pair should ever be expected to. “Maybe I loved them too much.”

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