Get Tucked?

According to Flo Rida, she had them apple bottom jeans and the boots with the fur.

My guess?  Those jeans were tucked into the boots.

It is a look you see pretty often walking around any city.  In Boston, it is just a practical way to keep your jeans clean.  Tuck them into Uggs and go.  But in other parts of the country, the trend is less about practicality and more about fashion.


Last year, the trend went a step further when celebrities started tucking their jeans into their gladiator sandals.  This is not a look I recommend unless you are rail thin and extremely confident.  And even then?  Maybe not.

But boots are more complicated.  My husband hates the look.  Every time I rock it, he cringes and tells me the same thing: “I just think it looks weird.”

But my favorite pair of AG jeans (read: the ones that fit my five-month postpartum body best) are not boot cute and they stop at the ankle.  They would look very strange if I wore my boots underneath them.

I ask around and get the same answer from most of my male friends.  “It is just not a sexy look,” they say.  But wait, I protest.  Flo Rida would disagree.

The divide seems to fall on gender lines.  Women think it looks great.  “With the right outfit, it can look ok,” says my friend who was horrified by the dress over jeans trend that was popular a couple years ago.  She does not feel the same way about jeans into boots.

At equestrian supply stores, people can buy elastic straps that will keep the jeans in place.  Others simply fold the jeans, ala 1980’s-era “pegging.”

Typically, when I tuck my jeans, I wear a longer, fitted sweater as well.  I enjoy the look and always get compliments from women.  Men?  Not so much.

Certain looks are made for strutting for men, while others are made to impress the ladies.  This is one to wear for the girls.  But on a date with a new guy?  Keep the jeans out.

Trust me on this.


1 Response to “Get Tucked?”

  1. 1 shoestalker
    January 20, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    I definately read somewhere (or heard on the radio) that tucking jeans into boots is one of those fashions trends men just dont understand, along with giant luggage sized purses and dark nail polish. My boyfriend actually happens to love when I wear knee boots with tucked in pants and he cocks his head when any woman wearing that style with a nice pair of boots walks by. But he has a shoe fetish himself so he may be an exception to the rule.


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