Why Stilettos Will Always be In Style

1. Because they put you on a little pedestal, which is where you’ve always known you belong.

2. Because you know you look like a flat-footed booby in ballet flats.

3. Because they don’t require socks (talented is the human being who can keep track of matching pairs).

thecase4. Because they have the potential to put you face-to-face with a tall, dark and handsome fella.

5. Because the minute you put them on, they divert attention from a bad hair day or bad hair cut.

6. Because when they become painful, it’s an excuse to have someone chivalrous carry you. And if you’re dating someone not-so-chivalrous, you want to find out that information before it’s too late.

7. Because they make that lovely sound (clip-clop-clip-clop), so when you walk the pavement in a pack of women you know precisely at which point one of you has had too much to drink. The tipsy one always becomes out of sync (clop-clop-clop-clip-clop), trips over her own feet or starts wobbling. No breathalyzer needed.

8. Because you can’t replicate how good it feels to slip out of them after a long night of wobbling.

9. Because God made Manolo Blahnik to create perfect shoes.

10. Because they’re all you need to wear in order to look like a goddess, even on “ugly days.”


3 Responses to “Why Stilettos Will Always be In Style”

  1. 1 diogo2009
    January 18, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    You are absolutely right! Stilettos transform completely any woman, they are a style on their own. When a woman is wearing a marvellous pair of shoes like the ones you have shown in your last message all the atention goes to them..Beautiful dress and whetever she is wearing everything but the stilettos is sudenly unimportant

  2. 2 diogo2009
    January 20, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    Yes it’s all about stilletos! How can a man resist them? Everything is forgotten (and forgiven…) when a woman is wearing a pair of stilletos

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